Huion, a Wacom Cintiq Alternative!

   Are you an artist who wants to upgrade your digital art game from a simple drawing tablet to a pen display, but don’t have the budget to afford a Wacom Cintiq? Fret not, dear child, I got you! 

   Let me introduce you to the Huion GT-190 interactive pen display, a 19-inch monitor tablet that you may want to check out if you’re a fellow artist on a budget. I got mine on Lazada PH. It’s currently 27% off as I am writing this.

   Of course this baby has its Pros and Cons, but it still serves its purpose. And some people might hesitate to purchase this because it’s a Chinese product (admit it most, if not all, of us get that general thought of just because it’s from China it could be a bad product. Admit. It.) So I’ll give you as much info as I can, and I do apologize if I left out any; first tech review and all.

   One thing I like about Huion is they ship their products crazy fast! I’ve read some reviews saying they got theirs earlier than the estimated arrival date, and lo and behold, I also got mine 3 weeks earlier than the arrival date. Their customer service is very quick and responsive as well, so hats off to you, Huion!

Here’s the box itself. 

A smaller box was also inside the package which included the cables:

  • AC adaptor
  • VGA cable (unit also has a DVI port but no DVI cable available in the package. Also tried plugging in my DVI cable but somehow it doesn’t work.)
  • USB cable
  • Pen charging cable
  • Power cable

   It also included 2 pens (a rechargeable one and a battery-powered one which I’ll get into later), a pen holder, 2 user manuals for Windows and Mac, a CD installer, 4 screws for the adjustable stand and a screw driver… yes, a freakin’ screw driver. How cool is that?

   Here’s the rechargeable pen (it has a white nib. It just blended in with the bond paper in the background, sorry about that) and the pen holder. Inside the pen holder are the 8 replacement nibs and pen clip – used to remove the nib from the pen itself – and a pen cap. The charger for the pen goes on the back of the pen.

They also include a free smudge guard/artist glove as a gift when you buy a unit!

This is the extra pen. It’s quite different than the rechargeable pen since this one is battery-operated. I haven’t tested it out myself, but I’ve been told that this works on AAA batteries, which I have yet to find out where to put.

Free screen protector! It felt a bit flimsy though, I installed mine and it kind of got scratched quite easily after a few strokes. I’m not sure how durable the screen is without the screen protector. I can only say their screen protectors could be better.

Their CD installers are very outdated, so I would recommend downloading the latest drivers from their website.

And voila!

Now that that’s done, here’re my Pros and Cons:


  1. The stand is adjustable and very convenient.
  2. The package comes with a free screw driver, an extra pen and a free smudge guard/artist glove.
  3. Very fast shipping!
  4. Customer support is very responsive and helpful.
  5. Rechargeable pen will be fully-charged after an hour and will last for a long time, but depending on the usage, of course.
  6. Works well with Adobe Photoshop CS6, MediBang Paint and Paint Tool SAI.


  1. It’s not really a big deal, but it would have been better if the pen wasn’t rechargeable. It might become annoying in the long run, but what’s an hour of waiting? Would be better if the pen had a battery life indicator, at least.
  2. Screen looks a bit off if you look at it at a certain angle. Or when you look at it at least 5 feet away. Like a glare or something. I’d love to show a picture but sadly, a pic from my phone’s camera won’t do justice.
  3. No shortcut buttons on the side of the monitor. Other Huion pen displays have them such as the Huion GT-156HD and the Huion GT-185HD, but it would have been better if all of them did.
  4. Resolution only up to 1440×900 native resolution. 
  5. Screen protector feels kind of thin and gets easily scratched.
  6. CD installer included is very outdated, needs to download the updated drivers from their website.
  7. Settings is pretty basic, just set the pen buttons in general and the pressure sensitivity. Whereas for Wacom, you get to set the buttons for different programs.
  8. The monitor itself is quite heavy. If I would compare its weight to something I’d say it’s as heavy as lifting 4-5kg of cat food.

  I know it’s painful to see there are more Cons than Pros, but it’s what we can expect from a price lower than a high-end Cintiq. Performance-wise it’s pretty good though.


I may sound biased to Wacom, but I’ve been using Wacom for about 7 years, and the Huion for only a week or so.


 Final thoughts: How would I rate this product over all? Hmm… I’d probably give it an 8/10.
Would I recommend this to others? Well, if you are an artist on a budget such as I am, then I definitely would. You can start with this and then upgrade to a better pen display monitor on the way. Good luck!

I hope this review was helpful! I’ll post another blog in maybe a month or a few months from now to let you guys know how it’s coming along. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything or what your thoughts are on this product!